What is BRSO Accumatime?!

BRSO Accumatime is a plugin I've been using privately for FL Studio. If you've ever scored dynamic music to film in FL Studio, you'll have noticed that the 'time' readout (the part that tells you the cursor's current position in hours, minutes and seconds) struggles to cope with scores that have tempo automation. Watch the time below as we scroll through a project with automated tempo:

You'll notice that we appear to travel back in time at various points in the timeline (usually when the tempo increases). Good for paradoxes, but bad for hitting that cue point that's 1 minute into the film! BRSO Accumatime provides a timer that is aware of tempo changes and provides a much more accurate playback time.

How do I get it!?!

BETA v0.3 was released on the 5th June, 2016 . You can download a free copy of the BETA using one of the links below:

For the installation app, simply follow the on screen instructions to install into your FL Studio folder. For the manual install, just unzip to your FL Studio folder and refresh your plugins list from within FL Studio. Simples!


Please, please, please remember that is is a free  piece of software currently undergoing beta testing. There may be small quirks or problems that you'll encounter.

How do I use it?!?!?

BRSO Accumatime is an effect plugin. Simply install using one of the methods above and then add it to one of your tracks in the mixer. Here's a quick step-by-step guide to getting up and running with the plugin:

Step 1

Add the BRSO Accumatime effect to your project using the FL Studio Mixer. It can go on any track and will appear as a detachable window that can be moved around.

Step 2

Play back your project so that BRSO Accumatime can 'learn' how the tempo in the song changes over time. Note that you'll need to repeat this step when you change the tempo at any point in your song, though the plugin is always watching for changes.

Wasn't that easy?! Now that BRSO Accumatime has learnt your song's tempo, the time readout should be much more accurate than the built in FL Studio one:

Just remember that Accumatime has to 're-learn' the tempo map whenever you change or add tempo automation clips/events. This is done by playing back the song. Note that you only have to play back the part of the song where the tempo automation has changed. Accumatime is smart enough to figure out how this applies to the whole song.

What's all this other stuff???!?

Here's a picture explaining the details:

Are there any known issues or problems?
  • This plugin has not been tested extensively in FL Studio 11. It is recommended you use this plugin in FL Studio 12 and above,
  • This plugin has also not been tested in situations where Fruity Video Player is unavailable, though it should all work okay,
  • The timer needs to rebuilt whenever tempo changes are made. Simply play back the piece of music (with Freeze disabled) to achieve this,
  • The timer is not 100% accurate. Unfortunately I don't have direct access to the tempo automation object in FL Studio to achieve 100% accuracy.
Can I download previous versions?

If the latest version isn't working for you or you don't like how something has changed, you can find all the released versions below along with a list of what changed:

BETA v0.3 5th June 2016
  • Can now add to a project as either an Effect or as a traditional Generator,
  • Now hosts a Fruity Video Player or Fruity Video Player 2 and provides this plugin with accurate time for scoring-to-film,
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations.
BETA v0.1 20th May 2015
  • Initial release
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