"Is all the music you make synthesized?"
It's not synthesized  in the traditional sense of the word - everything you hear is a live recording that was played by top musicians around the world. I use a process called sampling  to record individual notes, phrases and melodies and then later shape them into my own music.

Unless otherwise stated, everything I compose is created this way on a computer using top-of-the-line sample libraries and software. You can find a list of software I use from the ‘My Setup’ entry in the menu. Every video will also typically list the sample libraries present in the piece.
"Aren't you breaking the law by selling your covers/orchestrations?"
The tracks being sold are fully licensed and I pay royalties to the copyright owner. Rest assured when you buy the track you are supporting both myself, and the original composer!

Also, from time to time there are issues with me posting my orchestrations on YouTube. In some circumstances I face the choice of either removing the piece for good, or paying out of my own pocket for a license. I usually choose the latter but to make it up to you guys, I spend days making the music better, and creating lots of yummy extras for you to download. Thanks in advance – your contributions help to fund future ‘Extra’ releases!

Lastly, but more importantly, if it wasn't for your awesome support in buying these albums, many of them wouldn't exist! The money made from Super Metroid Symphony was used to make Banjo-Kazooie Symphony, and the money made from that will fund the next big project!
"Do you take requests?"
I don’t take requests as I just get too many of them, unfortunately. However, sometimes I let people vote for the game I’ll orchestrate in the future – Check the Facebook page to see if there’s a poll up.
"Moar!! Longer!!"
I don’t have a lot of spare time and I make a large majority of these orchestrations when I can, for free. I’ve started releasing ‘Extra’ remixes that are a little bit longer and can be purchased on iTunes. These tracks are fully licensed and any money you can spare my way goes to both paying the royalties required, and funding the time needed to sit down and work on longer pieces. If you have some spare change and would like to see more Extras can you search for me on iTunes and pick up some of my orchestrations.
"I’m making a vlog/animation/screencast/etc. Can I use your music in my video on YouTube?"
If you’re making original content and not monetising the video then sure, feel free! All I ask for is that you credit me in your video description and pop in a link to my channel. If you’re not sure what to write, something like “Music by the Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra (http://youtube.com/dummeh)” is fine.

If you’re using a piece of music from an official album of mine, please also link to the iTunes or Bandcamp site to purchase the track. I dig it when people use my music, but I’d love people watching to know where it comes from and where to grab a copy if they enjoy.

PLEASE NOTE that this may not apply to music that was written for specific games, videos and projects and I ask that you use common sense to determine whether you should ask for permission.
"I have monetization on my video. Can I still use your music?"
When money becomes involved, it becomes a little more complicated. I can’t provide permission to use copyright works (remixes and covers), but you’re free to use my original music for YouTube videos that are monetised for the moment. As above, please credit and link me in the description.

Note that this could change in future and if you'd like to arrange a more concrete license to use my music in your commercial projects, feel free to contact me and we can sort something out!
"Can I re-upload your original music to my channel?"
The short answer is NO. The more lengthy answer is that while I am pretty liberal when it comes to people sharing my music, if you are intending to simply re-upload a piece of music I’ve composed (in its original form, with a new picture, or simply looped a little to extend it), the answer is unfortunately no. This isn’t me trying to be unreasonable – it’s just that I would like to have retain some control over how my original music is promoted and distributed. Obviously there can be exceptions to this so feel free to contact me if you need to discuss it.
"I don’t always get alerted when you post a video on YouTube! Is there any other way I can stay up to date?"
There sure is! You can sign up to the new newsletter by clicking here. Each month you’ll receive a mail detailing the music released, as well as exclusive content such as tips and tricks on composing. You can also find me on various social networks including Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.