This is quite an old library of mine that people had emailed asking about. I have no idea if anyone will actually find it useful. I created this just to test some techniques and to play with some script ideas I had. 'Shhhh' is a sound effects library intended to add realism (probably over-exaggerated realism as I have no actual knowledge or experience when it comes to this stuff) to orchestral performances.

Currently it contains three instruments, Breath, Human and Page turn

Breath randomly plays breath sounds depending on the notes played on the MIDI channel it's sitting on. Load the instrument and set it to the same channel that a woodwind instrument is using. When Legato passages end, or a sufficiently long note is played, a breath-in sound will trigger. The length of the breath in depends on how long the instrument was played for.

Human plays random 'human sounds' during an instrument playback. It can be put on its own channel if you just wish to have ambient sounds (hold down the lowest C-2 note), or it can be placed onto the same channel as a MIDI instrument that's being played. When this is done, the instrument randomly plays quiet clinks, jangles and finger presses/clicks depending on whats being played. You can configure how rowdy the orchestra is (dynamic mode will cause more sound to play when more notes are played frantically) and pan it to different sections.

Page turn is activated by holding down C-2. When held, the patch will play completely randomly generated page turn sounds (both solo and ensemble) every x bars. If you assign it the same channel as an instrument/section, you can have the script intelligently miss out quiet parts of a section's performance - it will only turn the page when 4 bars have been played by the instrument sharing the MIDI channel.

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