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In this blog I'll be looking at a bit of a cheat  to take the smaller sections recorded for Spitfire's BML range and give them a bigger sound. This has been covered before by Paul Thomson but I figured it's useful to have it here for reference (or if you've not seen it before).

The BML Range

Spitfire's BML range began primarily as a modular library that aimed to provide the 'smaller' side of the orchestra at a composer's fingertips. Focusing on smaller orchestral sections, the first product in the range was Sable, a chambed-sized (4-3-3-3-3) string library offering intricate detail, perfect for use in TV scores. It has since expanded to cover Horns (solo & a2), Low Brass (solos) and Flutes (solo & a2) with many more similar-sized instruments planned for 2014.

Mural, a full-sized (16-14-12-10-8) string section was recently added to the BML range and provides a much larger sound than Sable. But what if you need a string section that is something between either libraries? What can you do if you require specific articulations from Sable, or don't quite have the budget to purchase more libraries at the moment?

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