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In this blog I'll be starting to take a look at some of the features of the upcoming 'Pro' version of BRSO Articulate.

Hold up - Pro version? Yikes, do I have to pay for it?!

No. The Pro title is used as an indicator that this version is aimed at professional Articulate users, rather than marketting it as a premium product. Pro will be free, just like the current version of Articulate.

A brief history of Articulate

You may have noticed that other than a Mac BETA, the current version of Articulate has not had a signficant update in a while. Articulate started off as a private tool that sped up my workflow and was never intended to be used publicly. The original version was created back in 2006 to address a very specific problem I had when composing with sample libraries - to automatically manage keyswitches in the piano roll.

Articulate initially just handled keyswitching, but once it became public the feature set slowly evolved and grew based on feedback from the FL community and changes to my workflow. Things such as UACC, program changes, custom note names, release CCs, etc. were bolted on top of the existing system and worked around the plugin's limitations. The UI was made a little bit prettier, but has remained compact and limited in scope.

This past year I had felt like I'd taken the plugin as far as it can go within the constraints of the existing framework and user interface. There were features for newer sample libraries that I was keen to implement and I wanted to give the UI a bit of a refresh. Thus, Articulate Pro was born.

To wrap things up...

That's a small taster of the interface and some of the upcoming functionality. Articulate Pro is still early in development and features are likely to change before release, but it does demonstrate some of the core concepts - a refined, resizable UI and advanced 'pro' user functionality under the hood.

I'm excited to share more over the coming months. Be sure to check back for further blogs (or subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date).

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