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In this blog I'll be looking at the various ways to switch between articulations within Spitfire instruments, from Keyswitching to CC32 to UACC.

How do we manage all these playing styles?

There are two approaches to creating playable instruments. The first is to have a 'performance' instrument (ala Sample Modeling, WIVI, keyboards, etc.) whereby you simply 'play' in the music you're trying to write. This has the advantage that it's very quick to write music and easy to play live. The second approach provides you with a sort of musical-jigsaw-puzzle in the forms of articulations. You piece together the articulations to build your performance. The advantage of this method is that you have total control over how a note's played and you're able to create much more realistic performances (albiet with slightly more work required).

Spitfire Instruments tend to take the latter approach. Each library provides you with a collection of recorded articulations that you can take, switch between and arrange as you see fit to recreate your orchestral mockups. One of the challenges of this approach is how to handle this articulation switching and layering with minimal effort in your DAW. Lets take a look at some of the ways to achieve this.

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