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In this first blog I'm going to more thoroughly cover some of the functionality included in Spitfire Audio's sample line series. If you're a composer or orchestrator that uses anything Spitfire release, I can guarantee you'll read something here that you won't have known before!

Spitfire Mic Mixer

In this first entry for the series I'm going to cover the Mic Mixer in detail. One of the key features of Spitfire libraries is that they include a selection of microphone signals in a single instrument. These are configured and controlled through the Mic Mixer. Here's how the mixer generally looks between various products:

If you've ever used a Spitfire library before you should be familiar with the basics of the mixer. You have a number of labelled mic signals ( ), a slider to control their levels ( ) and a purge button ( ) to toggle whether they are loaded into memory or not. To control the levels for each mic you simply click and hold on the slider and drag it up or down. If you drag a level all the way down, the microphone is automatically purged. If you drag it up, it's automatically loaded.

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